Slaying Dragons

by Swum

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released June 18, 2013

All songs by Jared Lopes

Recorded 2/18-22/2013 in Appleton WI

Jared Lopes: main vocals, ukelele, bass guitar, synths/samplers, donkey jaw, PVC pipe, percussion

Jon Schiedermayer: backing vocals, electric guitar, ukelele, synths/samplers, drums/percussion, PVC pipe

Becky Gelinas: backing vocals on "The Protection We Need", "With My Broken Arm" and "RudeMath"

All songs engineered and mixed by Schiedermayer and Lopes, except "The ABCs Are Killing Me" and "The Protection We Need" additional mixing by Caleb Lafrenier. Mastered by Schiedermayer

Cover art by Lopes, design by Schiedermayer



all rights reserved


Swum Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The ABCs Are Killing Me
This is a lullaby
I wrote for you when I
Couldn’t breathe
Sorry it’s plagiarized
Real words are hard to find

Victims are tragicized
And now we realize
We couldn’t keep
All of our ABC’s
See what they’ve done to me
When they leave
So when they come to peep
Remind ‘em that they are weak
Here’s damn good advice

Don’t let them in
They're not worthy of it
Don't let them in
They're not worthy of it
The ABC’s
Don’t let them in
They’re killing me
They’re not worthy
They're not worthy
Of killing me
Track Name: Whippoorwill
What did I do with my whippoorwill?
Track Name: Ways of Great Fancy
Just as in ways of great fancy
I fashionably frowned
Although you adored it
You're now growing bored it's around

You are the cause of yourself
Just as I would like to think that I am the cause of me
We are the cause of we
Track Name: Because You Hate
Just because you hate my shit
Doesn’t mean that you love me

Cause I know dancing in the streets with everyone around
And I think that everyone should do it before their time counts down

You may say it’s not that real
Me, I don’t think so

Just because you scratch my back’s itch
Doesn’t mean you’re behind me

Cause I know parading through the trees trumpeting around
And I think that everyone should do it before their DEAD

You may say it’s no big deal
Me, I don’t think so
Track Name: The Protection We Need
I know why you don’t love me anymore
Both your eyes have been filled up with boredom

It’s the protection we need to build a new dream

Let me see it again

I’m not sure of all that I have done and why I’ve done it
If we knew I’m sure we’d all be stunned by what I’ve done

It’s the protection we need to build a new dream

Let me live it again
Why won't you let me live it again
Track Name: With My Broken Arm
Yeah but just let me say:
It would be most decent if doctor sent a rocket that destroyed our planet to protect us from ourselves

Now y'all can beat me in the back of my head with my broken arm

Never really trusted who ya are
But everyone gets a shot
And I don't think it's fair
Everyone gets a shot and I don't think its unfair
But I don't really care
Track Name: WWWWWWWW
You know it was a crooked pig
Who came in
And tossed my mattress springs
Of course he was only looking for anything
That would earn him those two tin wings
Now you gotta come and let me out
When we went where we wanted we won
Track Name: Young + Old + Stupid
By the way did you notice
That this is all there is
Thank god nobody told us
Back when we were little kids
When we were young and stupid

Why would they provoke us
To make us give a shit
All we need is focus
Like thick as thieves caught scattering
Marble mouthed and goofy
Back when we were little kids

We built a fortress
Around our contents
We must confess
Our intense intents
Back when we were little kids
What now that we're old and stupid
Track Name: Feeling The It Factor
Can’t you feel it too?
It’s the earth moving beneath you

Don't you think it's true
That every little thing we can do
Is any little thing but cruel?

So do as the cruel do

They can’t be blamed
For oh how they screw up
No Matter how many times they break the rules

So do as the cruel do
Track Name: RudeMath
I will not kill you yet
I’m gonna make you wait
Until you’re mostly dead

Last night I sublingually administered 10 mg of morphine
While welding a dull razor in my hand
I shaved you as you cried and whimpered
From a bed you never got out of

One plus one equals math