The Lost, The Last, & The Least

by Swum

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released October 1, 2016

J. Lopes wrote, throated, and mixed these songs. J. Helm, C. Lafrenier, and N. Gelinas played instruments including throats and mixed. Mastered by Hanzsek Audio



all rights reserved


Swum Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Alert for the Unexpecting
They say you're leaving tomorrow
well then i'm leaving today
got no more time left to gamble
all of my days away
keep in mind i don't mind minding you
yes i do

now give me your mask, i want your face
won't take that ass on a plate

so keep me out of your mouth
cause i know you won't like the taste
the way that i taste
Track Name: Gimme All
Gimme all your money
i ain't got no more
gimme all your money
i just want what's yours
gimme all your money
show me what you have earned
i know i;ve lost my turn
there are no lessons learned
like you don't have the right
keeping this from me
keep me alive don't wanna die
Track Name: Despising Being
one day Flipper sank to the bottom of her tank and died
she took one last breath deep in her chest despising being alive
so wise
she spoke her mind
so wise
she realized all the lies of mankind
for now do we want our lives?
cause there may come a day when we find
nothing to keep us alive
but we may not try
as hard as suicide is
Track Name: Tell Me I'm No
If there's one thing i don't mind
it is trying to travel through time
tell me i'm no good
it won't be so bad
if don't go to those sad times
tell me there's no good
Track Name: Lucky Stars
you'd better count your lucky stars that i remember you
well i do
don't forget some people don't wanna be friends with you
but i do
i'm gonna die cause i am a lion
i'm gonna fry deep in the fires
of hell
even though i don't find myself responsible
Track Name: The Warmest Year
Count me out i don't think i'll make it home
count me out i don't think i'll make through the heat
the rain evaporates as fast as the clouds can make it
and we can't take it, this warmest year
will see us charred and seared
and i fear this is our last warmest year
so let me burn happy
leave me be
let me burn happily
leave me be
This warmest year will see us charred and seared
and now i fear this is our last warmest year
count me out i don't think i'll make it home today
count me out i don't think i'll make it through the heat
Track Name: Keep Me By
i don't know why you give me love
give me, give, give me love
so keep me by your side
Track Name: Done Growing Older
father: I wanted to be a man
do all that i can do and
be your father too
and when i leave this land
to your brother and
to your mother too
what will become of you?

Son: I already told her
i'm done growing older
done being a solder
i'd rather just smolder

when i do anything i think about myself
when i do anything i think about me

maybe it's brilliant to make yourself millions
and trust in the killing of all of god's children
if you're believing the lies i been dealing
son't trust in your feelings
or in their meanings

when we do anything we think about ourselves
when we do anything we think about we
Track Name: The Great Nate Escape
you know we miss you when your gone
when will you be home
we just wanna know you're doing fine
like when it's night are you tucked in tight
oh nate you left us bleeding bad dreams
all over the floor
oh nate you caught our attention
as a friend it's what you get
when you go away
there's no more music for us to play
you know we miss you when you're gone
when will you be home
we miss you nate
but we know that you'll be ok someday
oh nate
Track Name: Wholly Cow(ard)
Wholly cow(ard) is what i'll whisper
when my metaphysic leaves me in doubt
so this is how we can get bound
to one idea just by the little pretty little old ssound
ma look at me now
i think i've found how
to take the most magnificent bow
i'm gonna try more than i thought that i might
it sure was nice to decide to be friends for such a long time
i hope you're alright being everything i hope you like i don't unpray